Hi there! We want to thank you for having joined the FON Community, but it seems, though, that you may have experienced some problems because we have noticed that your La Fonera has been disconnected. Are you missing all the fun? Well, we are missing you! Please help us learn how to win back your heart by filling out this survey. Your feedback is important for the FON Community!

1.-* First we would like to know about you:

2.-* Why did you decide to order the La Fonera?
  I was interested in having WiFi everywhere
  I thought the idea was cool and wanted to be part of it
  I wanted to make money
  I wanted a WiFi router for my own use

3.-* After having ordered the La Fonera, it was delivered to me
  Within a week  
  Within two weeks  
  Within one month  
  More than one month  
  Other. Please specify:  

11% Completed